This blog is dedicated to pictures of hot young men and their FEET. Soft feet, rough feet, clean feet, dirty feet, fresh feet, smelly feet, jock feet, twink feet, straight feet, gay feet, socked feet, bare feet and much much much much more.
Including: boypussy/mancunts, legs, abs, underwear, chubby guys and straight guys.
If you are over the age of 18, I encourage you (even the shy and/or straight guys - You are MORE then welcome) to ENJOY!
If you are not yet 18, PLEASE leave, as there are pornographic images on this blog.
Please feel free to ask my anything and I will do my best to respond quickly.
I don't claim ownership of any of these pictures. If you see a picture on here of yourself, or a picture that you know should NOT be on here, please let me know and I would be more then willing to take it down.
I do occasionally post pictures of myself but I'll let you all figure out which ones. Enjoy yourselves!
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